Aurelia Anne Cohen

Anne Cohen  is a Performance Artist, Aerialist, Song Writer, Accordionist, Model, Actress, Freak, Director, Designer, Instructor and Event/Fitness Consultant.  Currently based in Bisbee AZ, Aurelia writes songs in her newest band, The Barn Swallows and plays with Juniper DJinn , a Jazz & eastern European traditional ensemble as well.  Teaching a couple times a week when in town and performing as part of circus events and Festal ceremonies Aurelia stays busy.  Touring the lower 48 in the summer of 2023 with both bands and as an aerialist, Aurelia has a full schedule which takes her over seas, to the big city and small nearly forgotten towns alike. 

Performing as a soloist, in her musical projects and as part of large casts, Aurelia strives to share the human experience as a way of life.  “Everything is connected and we must maintain the connection to transform our reality”  

Originally from Tucson Arizona, Aurelia trained in Classical Ballet, Folk Dance , and Theater in her youth.  Her grandmother, Stephanie Stigers Varon, a celebrated ballerina began her granddaughters training at age 3. Moving to the Navajo reservation at age 8 and then down to the boarder of Mexico at 11 caused her life view to diversify at an early age. At 14 years old, she discovered the aerial arts, joining a dance company as the youngest performing member and soon entered the world of professional physical theater, spectacle and circus arts. She began traveling, teaching, and performing internationally in 2006 and hasn’t stopped.  Having learned the structure and discipline of ballet early on, she was drawn to alternative movement methods as a way to process grief, joy, fear and the wide array of human experiences and emotions.  The practice of channeling reality through the filter of living art is her medium. 

She works with North Americas Premier Pyrotechnic Theater Troupe, Flam Chen as a principle performer, choreographer and director and for the nonprofit, Many Mouths One Stomach. She also helped develop the Tucson Circus Arts Aerial program.  In 2010 she met her partner  Jason Dea West, she embraced her long standing desire to learn an instrument to accompany her songwriting and they have made music and toured extensively as Intuitive Compass . She has worked as a principle performer with The Carpetbag Brigade and as an aerialist, dancer and designer with Anatomia Dance Collective and Shadow Tender as an assistant director/costume designer and choreographer. Shadow Tender was presented in the 2017 World Stage Design Festival in Taipei.

Aurelia Annes work as a multi medium artist continues nonstop, as she performs with Flam Chen, MMOS, and her new band The Barn Swallows, she and Dea West collaborated on Intuitive Compass’ 5th studio album “Four Winds Calling”, which was released in March of ’19.  Aurelia also works as a private contractor offering custom performances which are comprised of live music, aerial, dance, fire, and stilted theater and ceremony from the Southwest deserts to the Pacific Northwest, to Europe and around the globe. this fall, you can find her playing music and holding space for the ancestors in Arizona at the All Souls Procession in Tucson AZ, teaching and modeling in London and in Bisbee Arizona. For booking inquiries reach out directly here:

US contact: 541-261-6558 or email at